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Copper EW & Zinc EW

Exported to Zambia, Congo, Chile, Iran, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mongolia etc.

For Small Copper or Zinc Plant,

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Benefits to you

Professional Design

Professional Design for your plant, based on our condition, productivity and budget.

System Supply

System equipment supply to you, including certificates required.

Bulk Shipping

CIF to you if in need.

Onsite installation

Onsite installation available if in need.

Onsite guidance

Onsite guidance available if in need or remote guidance.

Lifespan service

We provide full service for the entire life cycle of the project

Small Investment, Quick Return!

From Small Plant to Big Career, free consult

Why customers choose PRS

Sichuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering technology company, providing engineering and technical services including design consulting, equipment integration and EPC etc. Especially in copper EW and Zinc EW field with rich experience, with high comments from customers around the world.

The company has an experienced team of engineering and technical experts to provide customers with a full range of services from crushing – ball milling – flotation – leaching – extraction – electrowinning.

High service efficiency with cost-effective solution for you.

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