From crushing, ball milling, flotation, leaching, extraction and electrowinning, we design and supply all equipment, including jaw crusher, feeding belt, ball mill, agitator, pump, cell, bus bar, anode, cathode, stripping conveyor, copper stripping machine, tank, walk platform, electrical heater, rectifier system etc.


Cell is also called Polymer concrete, made from Vinyl resin or PCC With Vinyl Ester Derakane Momentum, by integral casting molding. With excellent corrosion resistance, thin wall and light weight, saving installation space, low maintenance cost, and long service life.

It is currently widely used in the world.

Bus Bar

Our bus bar current density normally 1A/mm² to 1.25A/mm² , 99.99% purity red copper.

Also flexible bus bar, support,  insulator and shorting frame etc. all available for you.

Layout 3D drawing for you. 

Anode & Cathode

Good conductivity by close connection between copper and steel for the beam of copper cathode plate & anode plate.

Pumps and Agitator

Stripping Conveyor

Stripping conveyor is working with auto stripping machine. After the cathode copper is stripped, it will be conveyed to the packing platform.

Thus, the whole EW plant finishes the whole process.

Copper Stripping Machine

Patent copper stripping machine.

It can strip copper, zinc, lead & chrome with the same machine. Patent.

There are Auto and Manual 2 types copper stripping machines.

For Auto stripping machine, there are direct line and rotary stripping machines.

And 2 conveyors for copper input and output.

                                                                                                Custom design for you.

Copper, Zinc, Lead, Chrome Stripping Machine, With the Same Machine.

Copper, Zinc, Lead & Chrome stripping, with the same machine.

It’s for metal waste dust industrial to electrolysis valuable metals.

Custom design welcomed.

Cathode Zinc Electrowinning

Technical Description

1. The Zinc Electrowinning cathode conductive head is welded by copper-aluminum, which has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance; the copper block material is T2 copper and pure aluminum; 
2. The cathode conductive beam and the lifting lug are made of aluminum profiles, and the material is pure aluminum;
3. The conductive beams, lifting lugs and transition blocks are welded with slits, and the welds are polished. The overall appearance of the beams is smooth and flat, and the curvature is less than or equal to 2mm/m.
4. The welding side angle between the conductive beam and the aluminum plate is 90°+45-0′, the welding is even and full, and there are no defects such as false welding, missing welding, slag inclusion, and welding flash;
5. The surface of the aluminum plate is smooth and flat, and no defects such as spots, pitting, severe scratches, peeling, etc. are allowed;
6. Deformation degree of aluminum plate: the bending deformation of the pole plate in the length direction does not exceed 2mm, and the width direction does not exceed 1mm.
                                                                                           Custom design welcomed.

Russian Copper EW Plant Welcomed

With Russia local agent for onsite service

For your copper electrowinning plant, no matter from 1000TPA or 30TPD, warmly welcomed.

From design, supply to onsite service, all professional jobs for you.

Rich experience to export to Russia, with local service.

Side Walkway

Side walkway, also called aisle, is made from FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Plastic), with the feature of Light weight, strong and hard, good corrosion resistance, easy to clean, widely used for copper EW plant.

1.6㎡ or 3.2㎡ Zinc EW Anode in Mass Production

Zinc EW anode 1.6㎡ or 3.2㎡:

3.2㎡ big size is our unique technique.
Anode composition: lead-silver alloy, 1.6㎡ or 3.2㎡
Anode blade composition: 1.6㎡: Pb-Ag-Ca-Sr-Re; 3.2㎡: Pb-Ag
1. Anode blade is coated with conductive ceramic layer;
2. By advanced hot & cold rolling technology to improve the tightness of the plate and beam lead coating;
3. Improved corrosion resistance.

1.6㎡ or 3.2㎡ Zinc EW Cathode

Zinc EW Cathode: Aluminum,  1.6㎡ or 3.2㎡ 
Anode blade composition: Aluminum Alloy
1. The lifting lug and the header bar is all-in-one design, thus the welding is unnecessary.
2. The copper contact and the header bar are friction welded.
3. The header bar, the liquid line and edge strip are tightly covered by an anti-corrosion coating.

Anode & Cathode Package Details

Our anode and cathode with standard export steel frame structure (standard size: 1400mm*1450mm*1050mm) is used for packaging, and it is uniformly packed in iron boxes with doors. 
Anti-rust paint, the optimal control length of the package is not greater than 1500mm, the width is not greater than 1100mm, the height is not greater than 1500mm, the gross weight is about 3t, and the lifting point and the position of the center of gravity are accurately marked on the outer package:
1. The anode or cathode plate is packaged in the form of hoisting, the main body is made of steel structure, and the square steel pipe is used as the skeleton, and the box is sealed with color steel tiles;
2. The inner packaging is fixed with a rubber plate;
3. The outer packaging is packaged, and two steel belts are fixed horizontally and vertically;
4. The packaging steel plate is painted, and the inner packaging is treated with rain-proof plastic products for effective protection. 
The outer packaging adopts steel structure packaging and color steel tile packaging to ensure the strength of the overall packaging and transportation safety;
5. In order to prevent the anode or cathode plate from moving during transportation, the anode or cathode plate and the steel frame are fixed in a fixed way;
6. The outer packaging has a standardized logo (the logo will not fade); the outer packaging is accurately marked with the hoisting point and the position of the center point;
7. The packaging quantity is 26 pieces/box, the total weight is about 3.0 tons/box, and the overall size is about 1390×1450×1050mm;
8. For specific technical requirements, please refer to the schematic diagram of the packing box and the schematic diagram of packing;
9. Packing list, quality certificate, assembly drawing, instruction manual, operation guide and other materials are attached to each independent packing box;
10. There are rubber pads at the bottom of the beam and the bottom of the box for shock absorption, and the shock resistance is good.

Shorting Frame

Based on your parking frame, we can make Shorting Frame to you:

Electrodes, busbar and shorting frame, flexible contact, and parking frame all available.

Acid Hood

Acid Hood for Copper EW Plant to reduce acid mist, made from FRP & Tempered Glass.

Normally used in Cold area, like Mongonia, Russia and Kazakhstan etc.