How Do We Make 300TPM Copper EW Plant EPC Supply for You?

Our EPC service to you: Design, Supply and Onsite Commissioning.

For your 300TPM Copper EW plant:

  1. We will show you equipment list, break-up price first;
  2. Detailed drawings for your double check after ordering;
  3. Moreover, we will show you civil construction condition;
  4. Then our production and your civil construction are moving forward at the same time.
  5. Also we will guide and check your civil contruction like copper EW plant air flow, plant height and crane installation etc.
  6. Then our engineers will fly to you for onsite commisioning after all equipment are put in proper location by you;
  7. Our engineers will guide your engineers and workers to make the plant running.

If all smooth, 6 months from ordering to your copper produced, very high efficiency to you.

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